How to Make and Set Up a Free Business Email Address (Step by Step with 3 different Options)

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What is a Business Email Address and Why You Need It

Looking for a solution to create a business email address? Do you need to create a free business email address? Please keep reading this article to learn everything you need to know about how to create a free business email address.

Your business email address is very important in your branding, marketing and communications. Having a business email address helps establish your identity and enhance credibility with your customers. Using a generic address, such as, can make you look unprofessional. And since business email address resonate with your business, your customers will be able to easily identify you.

A professional email address is important when you’re trying to win new clients, so if you want to demonstrate credibility and appear more legitimate to customers, a better strategy is to create a business email address that includes your custom domain, for example: This strategy not only will this be easier to remember for your customers, but it also presents an opportunity to promote your brand through all your communications as mentioned above. With 3 easy options in this article, you could quickly set up a business email address that will make your business look professional and trustworthy choose the option that best fits for you.  

In this article you will discover how to create a free business email address within 3 different options. You will also discover:

  1. Additional Reasons Why You Need a Business Email Address
  2. Are Business Emails Free?
  3. How To Find a Domain Name for Your Professional Email Address?
  4. How to Create a Business Email Address for Free
  5. How to choose the best email service provider
  6. Set Up Your Business (Domain) Name with Bluehost
  7. How to check your business domain for free
  8. Creating Free Business Email Accounts and Using Your Business Email
  9. Managing Your Business Email Address
  10. Business Email Address FAQs

Additional Reasons Why You Need a Business Email Address

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A business email address also helps you:

  • Project your professionalism and that that you’re serious and professional about your business.
  • Earn customer trust and show your authenticity when you or your employees send emails using the address that includes your business’ name. This will help them build their trust with you and give them confidence to reply to your emails or contact your support team. 
  • With your business’ name in your email address, it will help you to promote your brand and to in customer’s memory for a long time. 
  • It will also keep away from getting spammed and customers are less likely to mark you spam when customers recognize you by your brand name.

 So now we understand that it’s very important to have business email address for different reasons mentioned above. Now we will move forward to next step – finding a domain name for our professional business email address.

Are Business Emails Free?

There is no option to get a free business email address like with a website domain on the end of it. Anyone can get a free email that ends in, or etc, but it’s looks unprofessional.

In order to get business email address like you will need to pay for website hosting to get that free email address. But don’t worry, it’s very cheap hosting and you will get so much with those plans such as Bluehost shared hosting plan for example that offers a free business email address with their hosting plan. Those plans are ‘almost free’ solutions to get you a business email address that ends in your own domain.

How To Find a Domain Name for Your Professional Email Address?

In order to set our professional email address, we need to understand on that domain name we need to set up email address. This domain check tool below will help you to find the perfect domain name for your website and with that you can choose professional email address.

Type your domain name that you want to register and the tool will tell you if its available or not to register. If not, it’ll suggest the closest matches to that domain name that you could acquire.

How to Create a Business Email Address for Free

Where are a several options to create a business email address that one of them is using your existing web host via cPanel.

Create a Business Email Address for Free via cPanel

If you already have hosting provider for your website or blog, Create a Business Email Address for Free via cPanel is one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it.  This will be for free and no extra charge if you are already paying for web hosting.

cPanel used by many hosting providers and is very popular control panel. Most of the top web hosting companies like  Bluehost, Hostgator, Hostmonster, A2 Hosting and InMotion Hosting are using cPanel.

Our Guide to Create a Business Email Address for Free via cPanel

If you have a hosting account and registered domain name you can set up business email address with one of the cPanel providers, this option will be more convenient for you.

You will need to log in to your web hosting account and open the cPanel tool. If you’re not sure where to find cPanel, you can ask your host’s support for help.

Secondly, you should navigate to the Email section and click on Email Accounts:

This step will open for you the email accounts page. In this page you will see if where any existing accounts listed. To start setting up a new business email, select the Create button:

Follow the next screen and enter your email account information that will include the domain name that you want to use and of course your login credentials user name and password.

If you in the situation that you have more than one domain in your cPanel, you will need to choose which one to use from the Domain dropdown menu. If you only have one domain name, it will automatically be selected by the cPanel.

In addition, you could limit your email storage space in consideration on your server. The default value in most cPanel platforms is 250 MB, but you can change it to whatever storage space you want.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a few more settings to configure following your demands, but we suggest to leave it in a default setting.


When you’re done, click on the Create button.

In order to create a business email address for free via cPanel you will need email service provider. i.e hosting provider.

How to Choose the Best Email Service Provider

In this section you will find 3 best different options that we found you can use to create your own domain and email address.

Option 1: Create a Business Email Address with Bluehost

Option 2: Create a Business Email Address with HostGator

Option 3: Create a Business Email Address with Hostmonster

Let’s start with option 1 and we will create a business email address with Bluehost:

  1. Let’s choose a Bluehost hosting plan
  2. Let’s choose our free domain with that plan
  3. Let’s create our free business email address with Bluehost
  4. Let’s access our email account at Bluehost cPanel

Let’s start review Bluehost first.

Build a WordPress website in minutes. Affordable website creation and hosting. As low as $3.65/mo*. Free Domain for 1st Year. 300+ Design Templates.

Set Up Your Business (Domain) Name with Bluehost

The business email address is more of a free bonus for you since you’re required to pay for the hosting before getting the email account. 

In standard situation, you will need to buy a domain name and a hosting account for your website or you domain name and then to create a business email address. Disadvantage of this that If you buy each element separately, it will cost you a lot of money.

Luckily, Bluehost webhosting company is offering an exclusive deal which provides all of these services for the cost of one with very affordable and cheap deal. Bluehost can provide you domain name and hundreds business email accounts for free with the purchase of any WordPress hosting plan. Their basic plan is available for just $3.95/m.

Step 1 – you should go to Bluehost’s website and click on the Host Your Site button on their website to create an account.

Step 2 – you should Click on “Web Hosting” section and select a Bluehost plan. You will be surprised that even with the base plan of Bluehost you will get a free business email hosting for less than $4/m. Select the basic plan on the left.

Bluehost Plans - Pricing

Step 3 – At this step you should be already at stage that you have created your Bluehost account and you should log in to your cPanel account. Once you are logged into your Bluehost account and you are into your “Control Panel” you should click “log in” and enter your username and password.

How to check your business domain for free

At this step you should a select a business domain name for your business. Just enter your business name and click on the ‘Next’ button.

or Or you can check you domain straight from here:

While checking availability of your business domain and Bluehost will verify if the name is available for registration or not, you will need to enter your account information and make the payment.

Now you should receive an email with your hosting login details. Check your email and verify that you have user name and password and you can log into your hosting control panel and start creating your free business email addresses.

Step 4 – Now you should click on “Email Accounts” under “Mail” and this action will load your Bluehost email management tool.

Step 5 – Now, once you are at your Bluehost email management tool you should enter an email and password and set your mail quota (at this part of storage, you can leave as a default at 250 mb).

Step 6 – Click “Create Account” to finish setting up your first business email address. You should pick professional business names that are easy to remember for your first email accounts such as:

It’s time to create free business email account

Go to your Bluehost dashboard and click on the ‘Advanced’ menu on the left-hand side. Now, you should see the Email Accounts page. At this page you can create and manage your business email addresses. By default, you will see an email account created by Bluehost.

In order to create a new business email, you should click on the ‘Create’ button.

In this section at “Create an Email Account page” you will need to enter your username and password at the first stage. Then, you can also select your mailbox quota/storage. You can leave it as a default or to change as you like.

Once done, you should click on the “Create” blue button and you finished. It takes only a few minutes to create a free business email address. Your new business email has been created, and you can see it on the Email Accounts page.

If you have a team or you need for some reason additional email addresses under the same domain name, you can repeat the steps above to create additional business email addresses.

Step 8: How to Use Your Business Email

Once you have created a free business email account, you now ready to use your email address to send and receive emails to your customers.

You can use your Bluehost email with a webmail application or a desktop mail client. To start sending and receive emails, you will need to click on the ‘Check Email’ link.

Now you will see several cPanel webmail application options. You can choose any listed application to check your email.

Now you will see several cPanel webmail application options. You can choose any listed application to check your email. We suggest to choose Horde webmail.

Here how your email interface will look in Horde webmail:

Using these webmail applications like Horde requires no setup. For the long run, you may not want to use them. The reason behind it, because you will need to log into your hosting account every time you want to access your email.

For professional use and receiving many emails per day in the long run, we suggest to use a desktop email application like Microsoft Outlook for Windows on your computer. Bluehost will detect your device automatically and offers you the necessary configuration settings to let you set up a desktop application.

But at the first stages, webmail applications like Horde is enough for you as a free business email account.

Managing Your Business Email Address

cPanel, and Bluehost hosting provider especially, provides you with easy options to manage your business email address.

Start with Bluehost Today as low as $3.65/mo

In order you can start to manage your account, go to your email accounts page and click on the “Manage”

Different options will be presented to you so you could manage your business account. Here you can change your password for your email address, allocate storage space and update your account. In addition, you could free up your email storage, manage email filters, and also send automated responses.

Proceed with HostGator or Hostmonster

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can set up a business email address with another webhosting companies with cPanel.

Option 2: Create a Business Email Address with HostGator

Option 3: Create a Business Email Address with Hostmonster

Top General Business Email Address FAQs

How much custom business email addresses can I create for free?

With Bluehost hosting plan you can create more email accounts for free up to 5 email accounts with basic plan and unlimited accounts with advanced plans.

Is it possible to create free business email without a domain?

You can not set up a free business email account without an email domain. Domain name and webhosting should be purchased and with hosting plans above you can get all the package at very cheap price.

Can I create a free business email address without making a website?

Yes, of course. But you need to remember that you’ll still need to pay for one of the website hosting packages because you get the email service and domain name for free with your hosting package.

What people say about Bluehost

With bluehost for the last 12 months

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Bluehost is good to go

I think Bluehost is good to go. The interface of Bluehost is intuitive and easy to use. Their 24-hour support is very helpful and unique considering with the price that is unbelievably low. Also the integration with WordPress is perfect, the basic mail service is easy to use.

Host my personal blog with Bluehost

I use Bluehost services to host my personal blog.  I use WordPress, and Bluehost has a great deal with them, so it’s incredibly affordable. Their online tutorials or explanations are always pretty clear. I haven’t expirienced issues at all with Bluehost. I will continue to use Bluehost and enjoying their services!

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