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What is a Domain Name?
At its core, the domain name is the address at which Internet visitors can access your website. Or, in simpler words, a domain name is the name of your blog/website. A domain name comes after the www. symbol in web addresses.

A combination of characters and numbers creates a domain name. It can include one or more domain name extensions, such as .org, .com, .net, and others. and are two examples of the domain name.
Why Do We Need Domain Names?
Initially, IP addresses were used to locate and identify computers. However, because IP addresses are a set of long strings of numbers used by computers, humans have difficulty remembering them. As a result, domain names were introduced and recognized as entities on the Internet instead of IP addresses. For instance, the domain name could be the domain name of the IP address 198.102.434.8.
Who Can Own a Domain Name?
Anyone can purchase a domain name. Even if you don’t have a website in place right now, you can still buy a domain name and its copyrights. You can get a domain name from your hosting service provider. Otherwise, you can visit a domain host or registrar, choose a unique name, and pay a nominal annual price to own it.
How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?
The domain name usually costs between $15 and $25 each year. Some hosting service providers offer free domain names with their hosting service for a period. Alternatively, some other providers occasionally offer free domain names even without hosting. These are also called subdomains. Even though a subdomain is free and useful on the Internet, it has several limitations.