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What are WordPress Themes?

A WordPress theme is a means that allows you to change your website’s layout and look. Your site’s layout, typography, color, and other design components are customizable by themes.

When you initially establish a WordPress site, a default theme is set on your pages. Later, you can alter the theme to suit your needs and industry.

There are numerous free and premium themes available on WordPress for its users. Changing your WordPress theme will not affect your blog’s content, pages, users, or other database information.

How do WordPress Themes work?

Themes affect the display of your website. They affect how your web page and its content are shown to your website visitors.

Choosing the correct theme for your website is vital to make it more appealing, easier to navigate, and increase visitor engagement. You can choose themes from the following three categories:

  1. Free themes that the official WordPress theme directory offers.
  2. Premium themes that third-party developers provide.
  1. Custom themes for a genuinely distinctive web design.

How to Change WordPress Theme Successfully?

Changing a WordPress theme is not rocket science. Check the following steps to change the WordPress theme using WordPress admin theme search easily.

Step#1: Go to the WordPress Admin area. Click on the “Appearance” bar and press the “Themes” option from the drop-down menu.

Step#2: On the “Themes” page, click on “Add New.”

Step#3: On the “Add Themes” page, you will find many categories and options.

Step#4: Explore all the available themes to find the theme that goes well with your blog.

Step#5: When you find the theme that you want to use, drag the mouse on the image; you will see the “Install” option, click on it.

Step#6: Now, WordPress will install your theme. After receiving a successfully installed message, click on the “Activate” tab.

This is it! You have successfully changed your WordPress theme and made your blog more personalized and captivating.