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BlueHost The Webhosting Company
BlueHost was first introduced and started to operate in 1996, BlueHost is considered the oldest web hosting provider that is continuously operating up until now and is also constantly upgrading for customer’s optimum satisfaction. The BlueHost’s data center is equipped with advanced quad processor servers making it highly reliable and they have a world-class network infrastructure.

It’s a fact that Bluehost is the number one most preferred and one of the largest host provider worldwide and they are offering very affordable yet highly satisfying and unmatched services. BlueHost has been offering best discounts that are almost free and millions of their loyal customers are enjoying it.  Their great features makes web hosting easy that will no longer require expertise. BlueHost’s best discounted professional web hosting is only $3.95 from its original price of $6.95, it’s more than 50% off you can ever avail. This $3.95 promo is offered and availed by their most loyal users that are very satisfied with the Bluehost’s unmatched features and services.
BlueHost Best Features
BlueHost has already and still continuously satisfies millions of customers around the globe, they provide everything for their customers, so they will become successful online. The BlueHost offers a free domain of your choice for one year and you can also host multiple sites with your Bluehost account. They have a 24/7 customer support service with no extra cost. Their customer support is very dependable, fast and very accurate. BlueHost customer support options include phone support, live chat, video tutorials, ticket system and the follow-up set-up wizard.

Another best feature is the Wordpress which is very flexible, very simple to use and  is a very search engine friendly. Wordpress is 100% free and it only takes one click installation to make Wordpress included. Wordpress is considered to be the most used and very popular blogging tool, it can be used in e-commerce sites and as a functional Content Management System or CMS  that is customizable.  With Wordpress, you can already get attractive websites easily using their great default designs and themes.
Unlimited Bluehost Features
The company also has an unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth and email accounts, unlimited transfer, U.S based Tech Support, Free Site Builder with templates, Hosting Value Adds such as SSH, Perl, MySQL, Frontpage Extension Support, Free Marketing services and more,  plus they have an anytime money back guarantee.