6 Best Maichimp Alternatives: Find the Best One for You

Alternatives To MailChimp

Do you need Mailchimp alternatives in 2022? HubSpot, Moosend, and many more are listed here. The daily email exchange count was at a remarkable 306 billion per day. If that figure surprised you, here’s another: 66% of organizations predicted that artificial intelligence would beat human email marketing rivals in the next decade.

Our post focuses on AI-powered systems that will assist you in designing, segmenting, and building a devoted client base with little effort. Although Mailchimp is the clear winner of the competition, a significant increase in Mailchimp rates has rendered it inaccessible, particularly to small firms.

But don’t be concerned! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Mailchimp alternatives to help you take your email marketing to the next level.


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5 Best Mailchimp Alternatives:


Moosend is the first to go! If you believe Mailchimp can deliver everything but is too expensive, Moosend has your back!

To begin, the most significant advantage of Moosend is that you pay less for the same functionality. When you modify, you’ll be greeted with a drag-and-drop email builder that you can immediately grasp. Sign up now to send endless emails and utilize all of the features without limitations.

Even as a free user, Moosend allows you to divide your audience in any way you can imagine. Not only that, but with the help of modern audience management systems, it’s simpler than ever to control your mailing lists and increase the effectiveness of your online shop or agency’s sales funnel.

Furthermore, unlike Mailchimp, the visual automation builder is quick and dependable, allowing you to preview your processes. Moosend is 39% cheaper on average than Mailchimp, making it the best Mailchimp option.

Overall, Moosend is a cost-effective, intelligent alternative for individuals looking for a basic solution on a small budget, with free email newsletter layouts for every occasion, clever segmentation, and excellent customer care.

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Hubspot is a leading email marketing solution, enabling you to customize and design your emails quickly. The platform has an automated interface that guides you through the process of creating customized solutions to consumer inquiries.

Email marketing is a beautiful distribution approach for expanding your company since it lets you contact your target audience quickly. Hubspot enhances this experience by enabling marketers to send emails to particular subscribers, improving engagement and leads and resulting in a higher conversion rate.

You can also use Hubspot with other services to boost lead generation and conversions. Personalization tools and sophisticated integrations from Hubspot also provide the most relevant information to your target audience, building brand authority and confidence.

Overall, HubSpot is one of the most significant Mailchimp rivals, offering comparable services to Mailchimp.


The auto email responder in AWeber is one of the best features of an email marketing solution. It also has outstanding capabilities, like auto-fetching articles to make blog newsletter emails, list segmentation, list administration, and email analytics.

While MailChimp does not allow affiliate links in emails, AWeber allows them, making it another excellent MailChimp alternative. It also offers a robust list management tool for managing subscribers and assigning tags to them, allowing you to monitor your campaigns and evaluate your sales. 

It also provides quick and courteous assistance and education tools for newcomers, such as blogs, videos, and podcasts.

It does not enable sophisticated marketing automation, and its email automation capabilities do not allow extensive customization. While it provides many email and newsletter templates, its editor may sometimes be slow.

Regarding cost, AWeber provides a free plan if you have fewer than 500 subscribers and send less than 3000 emails monthly. You may use its premium plans to support more than 500 customers. The plans vary from $19.99 to $149.99 per month and allow you to keep 500 to 25000 customers. Have over 25000 subscribers? Request a personalized quotation from AWeber.


Sendinblue is a well-known email platform that offers exceptional help for starting and managing email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the platform has a user-friendly interface with over 40 customizable layouts.

You may create compelling landing pages, incorporate sign-up forms on your blog or website, sponsor Facebook ads, or participate in other online activities. You may also employ Short Messaging Services or live chat assistance on your blog to generate leads.

Sendinblue is a free mail marketing service that lets you send up to 300 emails daily. That’s why it is one of the most popular email systems for small enterprises that do not want to commit money immediately.

Overall, Sendinblue is an excellent option for Mailchimp since it offers comparable capabilities at a lower cost.


GetResponse provides the best value for money and is one of the most user-friendly email marketing platforms. They offer more complex automation and other landing page tools in addition to email marketing services such as email campaigns, CRM, and automation builders.

While most email marketing solutions include landing pages, GetResponse’s pages are part of its conversion funnel, allowing for lead creation through landing sites. In addition, it has Smart list automation, so you can automatically divide your subscriber list into subsets based on predetermined criteria.

Its email templates may seem dated in comparison to the current appearance and feel of the other tools on our list. If you want a real-time update, its delayed analytics updates may also surprise you.

GetResponse does not have a free plan. It includes four pricing categories based on features: Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max, with monthly prices beginning at $15, $49, $99, and bespoke pricing. Prices fluctuate according to the number of members in each tier.


MailChimp is a well-known email marketing platform in the market. However, regular changes and a flood of exciting features from rivals might urge anybody to search for MailChimp alternatives.

There are benefits and drawbacks to every possible alternative. So, before deciding on the best MailChimp replacement, consider your company’s kind, goals, and budget.

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