Best Affiliate Networks and Programs in 2023 to Make Money

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Online Passive Income

Nothing compares to affiliate marketing when finding online passive income streams.

Thousands of professional bloggers, SEOs, and affiliate marketers utilize affiliate marketing to produce thousands of dollars per month.

Searching for the best affiliate programs but can’t seem to locate the appropriate one? Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to earn money in the evenings and weekends. You’ve come to a remarkable place if you want to boost your sales. Although several excellent affiliate marketing tools and plugins are accessible, here is a list of the best affiliate programs for beginners in 2022 and beyond.

Make yourself at home and grab a snack since today is all about quickly expanding your bank account balance.

I understand that there are hundreds of affiliate programs available. You might have already signed up for one or two of these. To generate money, though, you’ll need a successful, recognizable, and valuable program.

When you merge all of these, you’ll have a program that’s more powerful than Optimus Prime and MechaGodzilla put together! So, who’s up for a game? Yes, you are! Let me give you a little overview first about Affiliate programs

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What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate plan is an agreement in which the program’s firm pays a commission to another firm or influencer (the “affiliate”) who sends them referral traffic.

The complete synchronization of incentives between businesses and affiliates is one of the most prevalent ways for companies to spread their reach and attract new customers.

Most companies allow you to join their affiliate program directly from their website.

When a firm offers an affiliate program, you can usually find a link to it in their website’s footer. This link could take you straight to the program’s signup page on the affiliate network they use or to an initial home page with further information on becoming an affiliate for that store.

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics of affiliate marketing, let’s look at the top 5 affiliate programs that will pay the most commissions in 2022.

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Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is the most popular online platform for accessing products from over 2 million merchants, and it was one of the first online affiliate marketing programs to begin in 1996. You may find a wide choice of things to advertise as an Amazon associates affiliate, ranging from toys to books to electronics. You can find millions of things to market, no matter what business you’re in.

Here are some reasons why a newbie should join this affiliate marketing scheme.

It’s simple to get started, and there’s no cost to join.

Promote Over a Million Products

As an Amazon Associate affiliate, you can promote over a million products to your consumers all around the world. After you’ve set up an affiliate account, you’ll generally place a unique, trackable link (an “affiliate link”) on your web blog or social media channel that directs visitors to the merchant’s website when they click on it. While advertising affiliate products is fairly exact between merchants, the methods by which commissions are distributed differ extensively. Some affiliate programs pay out a commission only after a buyer makes a purchase, while others payout right away if the visitor signs up for a free trial or joins an email list.

Commission rates range from 1.0 percent to 10.0 percent, depending on the product category.


Simple registration.

You’ll have access to an unlimited number of products to market.

You can pay with a direct bank deposit, an Amazon gift card, or a cheque.


The commission structure is low, making it challenging to earn big rewards without sending a lot of traffic their way.

After someone clicks on their affiliate link, affiliates only have a 24-hour window to receive a commission.



eBay has existed since the beginning of time. Okay, it isn’t entirely accurate, but they have a lengthy history on the internet. Their ads have practically everything a consumer could want, from long-forgotten old artifacts to fresh new stuff.

You should expect a high conversion rate from their affiliate programs with a name like eBay. eBay has an affiliate program that you may utilize to monetize your websites, social networking pages, mobile apps, and other platforms by promoting products from the eBay network.

What are the benefits of joining the eBay Affiliates program?

eBay is one of the most widely known online marketplaces, with over 175 million users buying $23.6 billion worth of goods each year.

The eBay Partner Network now operates in 13 countries across the world. They have over 1.1 billion listings, with 80% of them being fresh, 89 percent of them being set price, and 70% offering free shipping.

50-70 percent of eBay’s revenue share is paid out in commissions. The commission rate is doubled for new or reactivated eBay users.


It’s completely free to use.

Profit from any listing, including your own.


The cookie life is limited.

Per-sale commission is low.


Nord VPN

NordVPN commissions are calculated based on the subscription plan selected by the customer, with 100% commission for one month and 40% for six months, a year, and two years. They also have high conversion rates and professional account managers who can assist you in increasing sales. Here’s why NordVPN offers one of the most outstanding affiliate programs in the industry. The provider’s strong conversion rate and well-known brand will assist you in more effectively promoting digital goods and increasing your bank account balance. You also get a 30-day cookie, which, despite its short duration, will be compensated for by NordVPN’s popularity.

Commission Rates

The commission rate is 100% for new signups and 30% for renewals for a month. For the first six months, new signups are 40%, and renewals are 30%. New signups are 40% off for a year, and renewals are 30% off. For two years, new is 40% and renewal is 30%.

The subscription-based commissions in the program will pay you a 100% commission for the 1-month offer and 40% for the 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year deals. You gain a recurring 30% commission for every renewal your contacts make, in addition to the regular commission.

The affiliate program will provide you with the essential materials to market the service and more referrals. In conclusion, NordVPN offers a robust digital product and incentive structure to affiliate your affiliate marketing efforts significantly.


Effective promotional materials and a well-known brand.

Revenue sharing for the rest of your life.

Request assistance from a specialized account manager.

Campaigns that span the globe.


In the competition, cookies have a short shelf life.

Buyers may be turned off by the inability to block ad trackers.



IPVanish is one of the top VPN services available, with some of the best rewards in the business. IPVanish is one of the most well-known VPN service providers, providing end-to-end network privacy. SugarSync encryption provides complete online freedom and protection and file management and data backups. IPVanish is one of the affiliate partner programs that payout recurrently. More particular, you can earn up to 100% for all new referrals, plus a recurring income of 35% as long as they stay a customer.

Commission percentage: 35% of all subscription renewals and up to 100% of all sales earned.

The minimum payout is $100, which IPVanish will automatically deduct from your account each month. The affiliate manager and support team will also assist you with the setup. You’ll have access to real-time solid reporting capabilities through the Affiliate Groove panel. You can also track your referral conversion rate and manage your affiliate marketing from there.

Overall, IPVanish’s reputable service will enable you to promote a profitable affiliate product and increase your online earnings.


There is no cap on your payouts.

Known for having one of the most excellent conversion rates in the business.

Affiliate Groove is a network of affiliates.


Direct deposit is only available to affiliate marketers based in the United States.

A $100 minimum threshold is required.



Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and digital commodities exchange. Among all cryptocurrencies, it has the highest daily trading volume. Trading and acquiring cryptocurrencies, securities, futures, savings, lending, and digital wallets are among the services it offers. The Binance Spot market and onsite P2P services make purchasing bitcoins easy.

Commission rate: 20% of referral trade costs, 40% if you hold 500 BNB or more, paid in real-time to your Binance account.


The most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform on the internet.

Referral commissions are transferred in real-time when a purchase is made.


You’ll need a community of at least 500 people or a social media presence with 5,000 followers.

Its commission fee has been reduced by 20% since its inception.



Etsy is an online marketplace for crafters, artisans, makers, and thrifters, and chances are you’ve heard of it. On Etsy, there are approximately 2 million active sellers and many millions of things listed since 2012.

You might be surprised to learn that Etsy has an affiliate network that bloggers in specific niches can utilize to supplement their revenue.

Commission Rate: Etsy isn’t completely transparent about their commission rates on their affiliate signup website. However, according to third-party assessments, qualifying sales often range between 4% and 8%.


A wide range of banners and advertisements are available and a curated page.

Not just the first transaction, but all sales made within the 30-day cookie period are credited to the affiliate.

Referrals are effective on a global scale.


Applicants are “screened based on factors such as type of site, site quality, site content, variety of site material and things promoted, brand identity, and alignment with Etsy’s principles,” so there’s no assurance of approval.

A $5 signup charge is reimbursed once you have made your first payment to the program.

Etsy sellers can’t make money off their products, so they can’t make money as affiliates. However, they cannot receive affiliate commissions on products that are comparable to their own (odd).

Compared to many other affiliate programs, they pay out a low percentage of sales.

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